halal food in Seville

Halal food in Seville (Spain)

The halal food is a kind of meal that there aren’t in all restaurant. If you are in Seville, you can come to our restaurant, Restaurante Aladdin, where all our dishes are 100% halal.

Why is our food halal? This question is easy, our restaurant is arab and we cook traditional way as in our country. This way, our arab guests also can eat all the dishes.

That the meal to be halal is quite important for us. Maybe, this make us different. In Aladdin Restaurant you won’t find any dishes that it isn’t halal.

halal food

Some our halal dishes

This dish called shawarma, one of our dishes more famous. Many people arrive to our restaurant ordering this food. However, they order other different dishes when see the menu.

Shawarma is a arab bread, and inside have vegetables, halal meat and sauce. It is so delicious!



This dish is so exquisite! Although it seems typical shish, thank a the arab spices, the meal has a different and intense flavour.

The shish is other of our successful dishes. Generally, when our guests taste it, they always want to repeat. This food is also 100% halal.

As these two dishes, in our menu you will find many meal that have meat, but its is always halal.

In our restaurant there aren’t any dishes that to be not 100% halal. That’s why that our guests always choose us. Moreover, our waiters try to treat friendly people.

If you like halal food, Aladdin restaurant is your site. Here, you can taste all arab dishes cooked traditional way.

In our facebook, you can see some our dishes, we are sure that you will like it.

We are near Santa Justa station, if you want to see our ubication click here.

Come to taste a new gastronomy that didn’t know!

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